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Turnbuckles v Hard-Ons

Almost 30 years after they first shared a stage, the Psychotic Turnbuckles and Hard-Ons are back to deliver a combination punch to unsuspecting Sydney fans. Arguably two of the hardest and fastest exponents of high-energy rock from the '80s still in business, this dream pairing will happen at Annandale Hotel on Saturday, November 30. They first crossed paths at the Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo in October 1984 and went on to play together many times. With their joint 30th anniversary year not far away, both bands thought it was high time to have a reunion.

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Destroy Dull City Double CD

Old style, body-slammin' high energy rock and roll returns to the world on March 15 with the arrival of the double disc "Destroy Dull City" collection from psychedelic fuzz rock champions the Psychotic Turnbuckles.

The current holders of the Rock and Roll Tag Team Championship belt are unveiling a collection comprising the bulk of their recorded work.

You can order the CD from Citadel here.

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A Message From The World Affairs Desk

thumb bandIt is with mild bemusement that the Psychotic Turnbuckles announce that SOMEONE BROKE THE SANDO.

Yes, the Pismo Beach Wrestling Federation has been told that the plug is being pulled on live music at the Sando...three days before the Turnbuckles' scheduled gig.

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