The Psychotic Turnbuckles

Turnbuckles v Hard-Ons

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The Psychotic Turnbuckles have been in the studio and some of the fruit of their labour will be given away at the gig as part of a free 10-track CD-EP for the first 200 fans through the door. It will be the first Turnbuckles studio release in a decade-and-a-half and this will be only their third Sydney gig since being lured out of seclusion a year ago. Hard-Ons are about to unleash the latest of their re-issue series, a re-tooled version of the "Love Is a Battlefield of Broken Hearts" and are fresh from a tour of New Zealand.

Filling out the bill are special guests, The Dunhill Blues, Australia's only Blues-Punk-Country-Surf-Garage-Rock-Psychedelic-Soul-Revival band who are in the middle of promoting their third and finest album, "Hulacide". The hard-working Dunnies have been on a tour that's taken them to four states so far and are chuffed to be part of an historic bill. This is an 18+ event.